Stephanie Willey

BURN Pilates TRX Circuit Salt Lake CityOwner of BURN, and a Salt Lake City native, Stephanie grew up being very active in all sports including competitive soccer, dance, cheer, track and field, skiing, and even horseback riding. After graduating from the University of Utah where she studied Broadcast Journalism and Business she moved to Los Angeles to follow her dream of acting and worked in entertainment news at the E! Channel. While auditioning for various tv, movie and commercial roles she was introduced and fell in love with her new hobby, Pilates. She certified and trained with one of Hollywood’s celebrity trainers and brought to Utah the amped up/cardio style of reformer Pilates she loves. Years later she was introduced and quickly became addicted to TRX Suspension Training. She became certified as a group trainer in San Francisco where TRX was founded and not long after that also became a certified Xtend barre instructor. She has since been an Ambassador for Lululemon helping to bring more fitness awareness to her community. This commitment lead her to open BURN, finding a need for a gym that provides high intensity small group classes in a fun, hip, safe, and effective atmosphere. She and all her instructors strive to make SLC fitter and stronger every day! She hopes to inspire people to live a healthier and happier life through fitness pushing them to do more than they thought possible…BURN, baby, BURN!

Ashley Blackburn

BURN Pilates TRX Circuit Salt Lake CityAshley was born and raised in Sandy, UT. She grew up playing competitive soccer for 12 plus years ranging from taking the state title for both her high school and club team and playing for the Olympic Development Team. Ashley learned the discipline, determination and strength it took to be a competitive athlete. Upon graduating college and receiving a Masters in Education, Ashley found a passion for teaching and taught high school English in Arizona and Park City, UT. While in her career, Ashley sustained a knee injury that prohibited her from running, skiing, playing soccer, and participating in other physical activities that she loved. She soon learned that spinning, cycling, and Pilates were great avenues for athletes with knee injuries. She loves that she can still get an intense workout in Pilates while avoiding high impact and excessive strain on joints. Ashley decided to gain more knowledge of the practice and trained to become a STOTT Pilates instructor. She later completed an apprenticeship with Stephanie, teaching the amped up style of Pilates at BURN which involves the fundamentals of the classical practice, but isolates specific muscles pushing them to muscle failure with the added bonus of cardio bursts that any athlete loves. Ashley enjoys paying forward her passion for Pilates, health and exercise.

Benjamin Moore

Ben is an experienced boxer and kick boxer. He is NSCA certified and qualified to teach TRX and RIP training. He graduated from Provo College in their personal training program at the top of his class. Ben is also experienced in distance running, power lifting and kettle bells. He uses his years as a boxer to make his classes creative and intense bringing out everyone’s inner athlete. If you’re looking to get your BURN on, look no further.

Carly Rasner

BURN Pilates TRX Circuit Salt Lake CityCarly, a New Jersey Native, is athletically minded and gravitated to yoga to satisfy her physical needs discovering an exercise that embraced the beauty of difference and strength in a safe, non-competitive atmosphere. She has practiced yoga for over seven years and discovered that yoga was her key to living her truth and making amends with the most important relationship out there, the relationship with herself. Living what we learn of who we are on the mat and then taking our identity off the mat is where the ultimate practice is experienced. Her passion for yoga took her to Chicago where she received her RYT through CorePower Yoga. She plans on attending life and yoga trainings that include but are not limited to the Baptiste method, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, etc; the sky is the limit, so that’s where she intends to direct her passion for life. Carly then found Pilates at BURN and immediately became addicted to the way her body felt and the strength she gained from the amped up style taught. Carly includes Pilates about 4 times a week with her Yoga practice and finds the combo a perfect mix!

Carly strives to share the deep connection of the mind, body and soul with as many as she can.

Candice Richardson

BURN Pilates TRX Circuit Salt Lake CityCandice was raised in SLC in a very active and athletic family, participating in a variety of sports while growing up. It wasn’t until her early college years that Candice’s passion and desire for fitness truly developed. While dating her husband she was exposed to various sports and activities such as; Biking, Skiing, Swimming, and Rock Climbing. She absolutely loved being outdoors and quickly became addicted to the adrenaline and endorphins she received while pushing herself to the limit. She found that “working out” and “fitness” are life long pursuits and not some 30 minute program on a treadmill. It was this that lead her to become NASM certified, while finishing up her education in Exercise and Sports Science and Elementary Education. While training for a marathon, Candice injured her hip, doctors expressed a desire for her to try Pilates to help with the rehab. It didn’t take long until she fell in love with this new type of exercise. She found that Pilates completed her workout and gave strength in areas of her body that were lacking. Pilates also helped her maintain her overall health, increased her coordination, balance, and completely transformed her core strength. She loved the way Pilates made her body feel and the control she learned from practicing Pilates regularly. She then went on to become Pilates certified with Balanced Body and Peak Pilates. Candice is a Lululemon Ambassador and loves to motivate others and strives to have her clients leave with a positive look on life, and an even better appreciation for their own strength and beauty.

Kaila Grafeman

BURN Pilates TRX Circuit Salt Lake CityKaila grew up dancing for the New Mexico Ballet Company and other studios across the southwest. During college she danced for the University of New Mexico, cheered for the Albuquerque Thunderbirds, and taught a variety of classes at Triple Threat Performing Arts and Stars Dance Studio. She is now starting a new chapter of her life in Salt Lake City and has since expanded her interests in personal fitness. She enjoys hiking, running, strength training, hot yoga, and playing volleyball. Kaila continues to dance but also loves setting new fitness and health goals. Kaila is TRX certified and teaches the Cheer Cardio Circuit, Insanity and suspension training classes at BURN. Kaila likes to apply her dance fundamentals to build strength, balance, and agility while providing fun, positive and high-energy classes.

Mary Leanord

BURN Pilates TRX Circuit Salt Lake CityMary is a local to Salt Lake City and has always been active in sports. She played soccer, basketball, ran track and cross-country in high school. After tearing her ACL and undergoing rehab, Mary developed a love for fitness and exercise. She found her love in Pilates and running. She ran many half marathons, and then her first marathon at the age of 18. At a young age Mary always wanted to be a fitness instructor, she fell in love with group fitness and has a strong love for circuit classes. Mary worked at Lululemon after graduating from Utah State University. While working there she met many influential people that pushed her towards becoming a fitness instructor, including Stephanie. Mary started working at BURN when the doors opened in September of 2012. She is currently trained in TRX, Reformer Pilates, and Insanity. She loves working with people and loves her job!

She and her husband love the outdoors, watching movies and cuddling with their two miniature schnauzers. Mary is expecting her first child, a baby girl, in April and couldn’t be more excited about being a mom.

Marci Bradley

BURN Pilates TRX Circuit Salt Lake CityMarci has grown in SLC up with a passion for exercise as a competitive swimmer, diver, soccer player, and runner. After having 3 kids she gained a greater love for running and has completed her 40th marathon! She started doing Pilates for rehab due to a hamstring tear and IT band injury that prevented her from running at all. She quickly fell in love with all the benefits that Pilates has to offer and seeing the changes in her body she took this to heart and became a STOTT certified Pilates instructor. The benefits of Pilates has helped her continue with her love of running marathons and plans to run many more. She absolutely loves to motivate people whether it’s in sports or life and she believes that there is nothing more empowering then when someone breaks the barrier of something they never thought possible. She enjoys sharing her passion for Pilates and motivating anyone who takes her class to push themselves to new levels!

Michael Stinson

BURN Pilates TRX Circuit Salt Lake City

Sami Wilson

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