Stephanie Willey

BURN Pilates TRX Circuit Salt Lake CityOwner of BURN, a Salt Lake City native and mother of two beautiful daughters, Stephanie grew up being very active in all sports including competitive soccer, dance, cheer, track and field, skiing, and even horseback riding. After graduating from the University of Utah where she studied Broadcast Journalism and Business she moved to Los Angeles to follow her dream of acting and worked in entertainment news at the E! Channel. While auditioning for various tv, movie and commercial roles she was introduced and fell in love with her new hobby, Pilates. She certified and trained with one of Hollywood’s celebrity trainers and brought to Utah the amped up/cardio style of reformer Pilates she loves. Years later she was introduced and quickly became addicted to TRX Suspension Training. She became certified as a group trainer in San Francisco where TRX was founded and not long after that also became a certified Xtend barre instructor. She has since been an Ambassador for Lululemon helping to bring more fitness awareness to her community. This commitment lead her to open BURN over 5 years ago, finding a need for a gym that provides high intensity small group classes in a fun, hip, safe, and effective atmosphere. She and all her instructors strive to make SLC fitter and stronger every day! She hopes to inspire people to live a healthier and happier life through fitness pushing them to do more than they thought possible…BURN, baby, BURN!

Sami Wilson

BURN Pilates TRX Circuit Salt Lake CitySami was raised in Utah, Chile, and Argentina. She studied Business & Spanish at the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sami is deeply rooted in Argentina and always has the travel bug! Amongst her passion for travel she has always been passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle. At an early age she started playing soccer and her teammates would call her “speedy.” This is when she realized that what she loved most about soccer was running! She then decided to pursue this new passion and joined track, cross country teams, ran half and full marathons. As her passion for exercise developed, she started to explore other ways to stay active that lead to her meeting Stephanie Willey the owner of BURN who introduced her to Pilates. She found that Pilates gave her strength in areas of her body that were lacking. Pilates also helped her maintain her overall health, increased her coordination, balance, and core strength. All of which made her a stronger runner and gave her confidence in other areas of her life. She loved the way Pilates made her body feel and the control she learned from practicing Pilates regularly. Sami was trained by Stephanie and by Balance Body Pilates. She is also certified to teach Circuit & TRX. Sami is very driven and loves to be a mother, a wife, & part of the BURN Team!

Sloane Pitman

My life has been heavily integrated in the athletic and fitness world for as long as I can remember. I was a division 1 collegiate athlete at the University of Tennessee, and learned cutting-edge training techniques from well-seasoned and highly educated fitness professionals. I started teaching group fitness and yoga in grad school, and have over 4,000 hours of yoga-teaching experience. I am always seeking ways to help the human body operate most optimally, and I believe that by stretching beyond our perceived physical limits, we can break through similar constraints in our happiness and overall wellbeing. I’ve experienced this expansion myself through training at Burn over the last two years. I am so excited to be teaching at Burn now, and can’t wait to help you feel stronger, more empowered, and more well than you ever have!

Carly Rasner

CarlyBy way of New Jersey, and Indiana, I am currently rooting down in Salt Lake City. At current, I am a Graduate Student studying Counseling and In-Depth Psychotherapy at Pacifica Graduate Institute, in California. My rich life experiences have served as a compass towards the healing modality of psychotherapeutics in unison with somatic expression (yoga, pilates, outdoor recreation). My empathetic, passionate, and caring guidance will offer you an enriching and wholesome experience. Along with mental and emotional athleticism, I believe in the healing dynamic of physical movement and welcome you to come experience an integrative and empowering Pilates Reformer session with BURN. I work to create a safe atmosphere where my clients are free to be true to their own practice, while holding loving, mindful, understanding, and attentive facilitation on my behalf. I value and appreciate working with many diverse people and respect and honor exactly where you are in your body and mind at any session. BURN has been a powerful space for me in more ways than I can name. The style and intimate attention offered with BURN has helped transform a deeper understanding of my physical, emotional, and mental capabilities. You are already so strong, and deserve gifting your mind and body the powerful experience of BURNing with us. I cannot wait to meet you. So many blessings.

Candice Richardson

BURN Pilates TRX Circuit Salt Lake CityCandice was raised in SLC in a very active and athletic family, participating in a variety of sports while growing up. It wasn’t until her early college years that Candice’s passion and desire for fitness truly developed. While dating her husband she was exposed to various sports and activities such as; Biking, Skiing, Swimming, and Rock Climbing. She absolutely loved being outdoors and quickly became addicted to the adrenaline and endorphins she received while pushing herself to the limit. She found that “working out” and “fitness” are life long pursuits and not some 30 minute program on a treadmill. It was this that lead her to become NASM certified, while finishing up her education in Exercise and Sports Science and Elementary Education. While training for a marathon, Candice injured her hip, doctors expressed a desire for her to try Pilates to help with the rehab. It didn’t take long until she fell in love with this new type of exercise. She found that Pilates completed her workout and gave strength in areas of her body that were lacking. Pilates also helped her maintain her overall health, increased her coordination, balance, and completely transformed her core strength. She loved the way Pilates made her body feel and the control she learned from practicing Pilates regularly. She then went on to become Pilates certified with Balanced Body and Peak Pilates. Candice is a Lululemon Ambassador and loves to motivate others and strives to have her clients leave with a positive look on life, and an even better appreciation for their own strength and beauty.

Brittany Poyer

Brittany is new to Utah, just recently moved here for her husband’s job at the University of Utah. She is originally from Denver, is a full-time pediatric nurse and enjoys making people SWEAT and working to their absolute MAX potential all while having FUN! Brittany has a TRUE passion for helping others. Whether it be the amazing kiddos fighting for their lives at the hospital, or people looking to improve their health, get STRONG and reach their fitness goals, she’s your gal! Aside from being a nurse and teaching fitness, Brittany is the proud mother of her first pup-A golden doodle named Hamilton. Brittany is certified to teach Circuit and TRX.