“There are hundreds of gyms in Salt Lake City and what sets BURN apart from everyone else is the staff and their intent on providing the best service possible. I’ve been BURNing since October 2012 and all I have to say is this gym is the place to be for motivating, bootie-whooping, calorie-shredding classes. I leave each workout feeling the right kinds of muscle pains and, most importantly of all, I feel healthy – both mentally and physically.  My biggest bootie-kicker is getting into shape for my June wedding. I have more weight to lose, but instead of my goal being just the wedding, it is to workout at BURN for many years to come. Stephanie is a professional life changer. If you haven’t taken one of her classes, what are you waiting for?” – Mercedes

“Stephanie’s classes are essential to my workout routine! They keep my body guessing and I’m always sore after. I know I’m going to get a great workout from her Pilates or TRX classes”. When people ask me where I workout I respond with “Butt by Steph!!” – John

“I have been taking Pilates and TRX classes from Stephanie for about a year a half. Stephanie is professional and energetic and very knowledgeable. I love the transformation that my body has gone through, and I love that Stephanie challenges me each week to push myself a little harder. Stephanie never lets me get static in class. If she can tell that I’m not challenged, she will add more springs to the reformer or more weights/hops to the TRX class. I feel stronger and healthier, and I look forward to each class with anticipation!”   -Sarah

Doing Pilates and TRX with Stephanie helped me lose weight and get back into shape after having my second baby. The classes are challenging but so much fun! I love the variety that each class offers and that Stephanie pushes you each and every time. TRX and Pilates got my overall strength and endurance back faster than any other fitness program I have done. I worked muscles I didn’t even know I had! Stephanie works with each person in class to make sure that you are getting the best results possible. She is an awesome trainer – energetic and super motivating. By the end of the hour, I have had an intense total body workout, and I feel great! I love getting my cardio and strength training accomplished at the same time. I am totally addicted and love it! -Amanda

The thing I love the most about these classes is that no matter what class I go to, I know I will get a total body workout and definitely get my butt kicked! This hour is the best one of my day and has made me a happier and healthier person! -Jayne